Kimchi Fried Rice with a Fried Egg

Steamy and savory, a bowl of fried rice isn't just for late-night takeout. Today we bring you a spicy version with a fried egg that's perfect for breakfast on a cool morning.

In the hustle to get out of the door and to school/work/meetings in the mornings, it's easy to grab a boring egg and cheese sandwich as a breakfast afterthought day in and day out. However, we're here to tell you that there are quicker, and much more delicious ways to get your eggs-plus-carbs fix in the morning. Enter Kimchi Fried Rice: A savory, spicy, and hearty rice dish that performs just as well as an eye-opening breakfast as it does a filling lunch or quick dinner.

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If you're not familiar with kimchi (a Korean spicy cabbage condiment), this dish could be just the right introduction for you. Once sautéed, kimchi loses some of it's raw intensity, but answers back with an addictive, tangy-spicy warmth that deepens with a little time spent sizzling in a pan. Garnish your bowl with a runny, fried egg and some sliced green onions for a savory breakfast that will keep you happily full on a chilly fall morning.

Kimchi Fried Rice

Serves 4


1 to 2 tablespoon canola or vegetable oil
1/2 pound chicken or pork (cut into bite-size), or shrimp, optional
4 to 5 scallions, whites only, finely sliced
1 to 1 1/2 cup kimchi, chopped
1 to 2 tablespoon gochujang (Korean chili paste)
3 to 4 cups cooked rice
1 teaspoon sesame oil
2 teaspoons soy sauce

Optional Ingredients:

1/2 bunch buchu (Korean garlic chives; called nira in Japanese), chopped in inch-long pieces
1 fried egg (per person), to serve on top
4 to 5 scallions, whites only, finely sliced
4 to 5 scallion greens, to garnish
Shredded seaweed, to garnish

1. Heat canola or vegetable oil in a large, deep frying pan over high heat. Then add chicken, pork, or raw shrimp (if using) and cook, stirring frequently, for several minutes until the meat changes color and begins to look nearly cooked. Add more oil if necessary.

2. Add the scallion whites, and cook while stirring for 1 to 2 minutes. Next add kimchi and kochujang, and cook while stirring for 3 to 5 minutes until the kimchi starts to get soft. (If using pre-cooked shrimp, add now, and stir to coat with kimchi flavors.)

3. Add the rice, sesame oil, and soy sauce. Then mix well until the rice is coated with the kimchi. (You can always add a little bit of the briny liquid from the kimchi jar if it seems like there's not enough color or spice for all of your rice!)

4. Continue cooking, stirring constantly, for just a few more minutes until the rice is warmed through. Add the garlic chives in the last minute of cooking, and stir well until they start to wilt. Season with salt, to taste.

5. Serve topped with a fried egg and sprinkled with scallions or shredded seaweed.

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Photos by James Ransom

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