Man Up! Gender Equality for the Cupcake Crowd

Are cupcakes too cute for men to enjoy? Well, now there's a new bakery just for dudes who may appreciate a diminutive cake, but bristle at pastel-hued frosting.

If Magnolia Bakery's cupcakes became synonymous with "Sex and the City," Butch Bakery's mancakes might be destined for the "Entourage" set.

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"It was time to combine a masculine aesthetic to a traditionally cute product - the cupcake," declares the bakery's website. "Our objective is simple. We're men. Men who like cupcakes. Not the frilly pink-frosted sprinkles-and-unicorns kind of cupcakes. We make manly cupcakes. For manly men."

The cupcakes come in a dozen flavors, with names like the "Jackhammer" (chocolate cake with chocolate hazelnut filling and hazelnut buttercream) and the "Beer Run" (chocolate beer cake with beer-infused buttercream and crushed pretzels). Others, like the "Rum and Coke" and "Old Fashioned," take their inspiration from the world of cocktails.

You won't find any pink and green among the company's products. Each cupcake comes topped with a chocolate disc festooned with a decidedly masculine design: woodland camouflage, wood grain, houndstooth, plaid, checkerboard, or marble. Pictured above is the "B-52," a Kahlua-soaked vanilla cake with a Bailey's Bavarian filling, decked out in camouflage.

There is no storefront for Butch Bakery. All of the cupcakes are made in a commercial kitchen in New York City and may be ordered for local delivery. According to the website, shipping throughout the U.S. is expected later this year.

by Josh Friedland

Image: Butch Bakery


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