Mario Batali's Sons Are Food Stars Too, Plus More Food Headlines to Chew On

Squeeze even more caffeine into your day with this Hot-Coffee Ice Cream.Squeeze even more caffeine into your day with this Hot-Coffee Ice Cream.
Need a little midday nosh? Try this for an afternoon snack: Here are the food links that our Editors are loving from around the web.

Everyone seems like a food photographer lately, but none of it comes close to these most iconic food photographs of all time. [First We Feast]

Can you taste the difference between decaf and regular? Possibly. [HuffPo]

Watch Mario Batali cook with his two adorable sons on The Jimmy Fallon Show. [Hulu]

Genius health innovation or ridiculous "immune boosting" formula? This salad booster is probably both (and we kinda want to make it). [101 Cookbooks]

Nobody's purrrfect. The famously overweight English fat cat, Ulric, is officially going on a diet. [Yahoo! Shine]

In more coffee news, if you're addicted to the stuff, then you might have a mental illness. We have doubts about this one. [The Kitchn]

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