Martha Stewart's Match.Com Profile

She's looking for a male 55 to 70 years old who will take her to Sushi Yasuda. You in?Come Friday night, as some of us are sitting in bed, drinking some red wine, and watching rom-coms, it'll be reassuring to us to know that multimillionaires are just like us.

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Monday, domestic diva Martha Stewart told Matt Lauer that she was joining "I'd like to have breakfast with somebody, I'd like to go to bed with somebody," she said. So what to do if you're up for bed and breakfast? Head on over to her profile, listed under The Good Long Life instead of her real name, since Sam Yagan, CEO, told her that her real name "would be distracting to those initial conversations you have where everyone is going to be about talking to Martha as opposed to really getting to know the person first."

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So what's on her profile? Well Stewart is looking to "enhance [her] dating life" with someone who makes more than $150,000 a year (as she does) who "relishes adventure and new experiences... someone who can teach me new things." Take her to breakfast, or Sushi Yasuda, or watch House of Cards and Homeland at home. Or you know, jam out to some rap, symphony, or opera. And if you don't live in New York, no worries. "I travel frequently, so geography is but a detail," she writes.

- Jess Chou, The Daily Meal

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