Meatless Memorial Day Menu

Good friends are coming over for a Memorial Day BBQ and one of them doesn't eat red meat. I tend to associate this holiday with burgers and hot dogs, and I want to keep the same spirit of the festivities without beef. Here are 3 delicious red-meat-less items for the celebration:

Turkey BurgerTurkey Burger

Turkey Burgers: Yes, she does eat turkey. But the natural flavor of turkey doesn't quite hold up on its own the way ground chuck does. This super-tasty version is loaded with other fresh ingredients that make the burger succulent and flavorful.

Glazed Grilled SalmonGlazed Grilled Salmon

Glazed Salmon: The sweet and sticky glaze is reminiscent of classic American BBQ sauce and it tastes great on succulent salmon.

Zucchini Pizza
: Grilled pizza is so delicious! And it's even better when topped with grilled zucchini and a blend of three cheeses.

To round out the menu, I'm going to grill a ton of veggies (check out this vegetable grilling guide for expert help) and make lots of salads.

-By Genevieve Ko

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