Meatless Recipes for Lent

Today is the first Friday of Lent, and for observant Catholics, that means abstaining from meat (see for a thorough explanation of the rules). I was raised with this tradition and I ate my fair share of fish sticks on the Fridays between Mardi Gras and Easter. Then one year my mother introduced a cheesy eggplant casserole as a Lenten meal. My siblings and I loved it so much we started requesting it year-round (so much for Lenten sacrifices...). Taking inspiration from that dish (I really need to get the recipe!), after the jump are a few quick and easy meat-free main courses:

10 Quick and Easy Meatless Mains

What are your favorite meatless meals? You can browse thousands of vegetarian recipes on Epicurious.

By Megan O. Steintrager