Use Your Melon! 7 Creative Ways to Carve a Watermelon

Wacky Watermelons! 7 Ways to Carve This Fave Summer FruitWacky Watermelons! 7 Ways to Carve This Fave Summer FruitWhen it comes to summer parties there is nothing quite as much fun or delicious as a carved watermelon. There are so many great ways the gorgeous red fruit can be carved up and served to friends. Here are a few of my favorites, they range from the kid-friendly ladybug to the more adult watermelon keg. Why not try one or two of these for your next summer picnic!

Watermelon Flowers Watermelon Flowers 1. Watermelon Flowers
These watermelon flowers are so pretty and could even double as a centerpiece before being enjoyed for dessert.
Make watermelon flowers

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Watermelon T-Rex Watermelon T-Rex 2. Watermelon T-Rex
This watermelon dinosaur would be such an awesome centerpiece for a kids party table. Toss in some blueberries to make it truly patriotic.
Make a watermelon t-rex

Flowing Watermelon GardenFlowing Watermelon Garden3. Flowing Watermelon Garden
This craft project would be really fun for the older kids to get involved in. Make a whole array of flowers in different sizes and shapes!
Make a watermelon garden

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Watermelon KegWatermelon Keg4. Watermelon Keg
This watermelon keg is an awesome way to carve a watermelon for a party. Use it to make an adult party drink or a bit pot of agua fresca.
Make a watermelon keg

Watermelon Legos Watermelon Legos 5. Watermelon Legos

These fun watermelon legos would be perfect for kids at a Fourth of July party. They can run around with them like lollipops!
Make watermelon legos

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Watermelon LadybugWatermelon Ladybug6. Watermelon Ladybug

This sweet watermelon ladybug would be so charming for a little girls tea party or a garden party.
Make a watermelon ladybug

Watermelon Hedgehog Watermelon Hedgehog 7. Watermelon Hedgehog
Don't be deceived, the spikes on these hedgehogs are toothpicks for guests to help themselves to awesome blocks of fresh fruit.
Make a watermelon hedgehog

- By Kelsey Banfield
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