Mix Up Beer Cocktails to Cheer On the Big Game

A beer beverage injected with spirits, tinctures, or bitters will give a jolt to your Super Bowl Sunday.

Averna Stout Flip

Jacob Grier, a writer, beer enthusiast, and mixologist in Portland, Oregon, combines his love of craft beers and spirits at the regular Brewing Up Cocktails event he throws with local ale-ficionados Ezra Johnson-Greenough (The New School) and Yetta Vorobik (The Hop & Vine). He enjoys drinking Flips in the winter and whipped up a recipe with stout and amaro.

Get the Averna Stout Flip cocktail recipe.

Stout & Stormy

Over in Manhattan, a little farm-fresh restaurant called Goat Town works hard behind the bar to make drinking real easy. Beer shandies and wine floats keep dinner going strong - all night long. To wit, its homage to the ultimate beach-vacation beverage: the dark and stormy.

Get the Stout & Stormy cocktail recipe.

JoeDoe Black & Tan

NYC's JoeDoe has at least nine beer cocktails on the menu, so we asked co-owner Jill Schulster to give us something extra smooth. She turned out a new take on the black and tan, which intensifies the richness by adding the caramel flavor of bourbon to the classic lager-stout mixture. Think of it as a beer sundae - with a frozen marshmallow garnish for a hint of sweetness.

Get the black and tan cocktail recipe.

South Park Punch

Here's a (possibly) little-known fact: San Diego was recently dubbed Microbrew Capital of the United States. A slew of modern American restaurants in its bustling South Park area treat beer menus like dinner menus. Neighborhood favorite Alchemy recently launched a selection of Beer Tails, care of its resident mixologist, Frankie Thaheld, in collaboration with David McAtee of Toronado (a town watering hole that serves brews local and exotic). South Park Punch is Alchemy's house staple - it packs a wallop in a highball glass.

Get the South Park Punch recipe.

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