Mom's Best Recipes: Shine Supper Club

Each month, the Shine Supper Club presents a theme for your cooking inspiration. May is Mom's Best Recipes. Join us: Tweet @yahooshine #shinesupperclub with your blog post, Instagram photo, Pinterest pin, etc. Come back to the Supper Club at the beginning of each month to learn the new theme.

What did all of Mom's Best Recipes have in common this month? Each one was a comforting classic that gives us a sense of home no matter where we are. A big thanks to this month's participants (be sure to check out their blogs!): Sarah Lipoff, SoCal Resident, In Foodie Fashion, Saveur, Zester Daily, and Eating Well.

Shine Supper Club - Sticky Monkey BreadShine Supper Club - Sticky Monkey BreadMom's Sticky Monkey Bread

Sarah Lipoff nailed the spirit of this month's theme with its intersection of memory and eating: "I've been thinking about the things my mom made when I was young that have stuck with me over the years. With my own tot at home, I want to start great cooking memories with her - just like my mom did with me." Sarah made her mom's sticky monkey bread from her hometown's church cookbook published in the '70s. As Sarah writes, it's the "stickiest, gooiest version of goodness out there." Get the recipe.

Mom's Hungarian Goulash

Growing up, SoCal Resident would have preferred eating pizza and hamburgers like the other kids, but now she appreciates having grown up in a home, "where flavors and spices were provided daily." Her mom's Hungarian Goulash is a winner "if you are expecting guests, or want someone to fall in love with you." This one's a keeper! Get the recipe.

Mom's Pandan Flan
In Foodie Fashion tweeted us that nothing reminds her of mom like flan. And not just any flan, but a flan made with pandan leaves, a plant that grows in tropical Asia that's used in both sweet and savory dishes. Get the recipe.

Mom's Banana BreadMom's Banana BreadMom's Banana Bread
When our friends at Saveur told us their assistant kitchen director's mom's recipe for banana bread was one of their most popular, we had to see it. Perfectly simple and wonderfully moist from three bananas and buttermilk, you'll definitely want to keep this recipe handy for those inevitable over-ripe bananas on the counter. Get the recipe.

Mom's Chicken Soup
Mom's recipes can give you a sense of place, no matter where they're actually prepared. Zester Daily contributor Mackie Jimbo shares a recipe for ozoni, a traditional Japanese chicken soup made with mochi rice cakes. Get the recipe.

Shine Supper Club: Sentimental for Mom's Baked Salmon CakesShine Supper Club: Sentimental for Mom's Baked Salmon CakesMom's Salmon Cakes
Another unearthed olde-time cookbook, another nostalgic gem from a different time. Zester Daily's Barbara Haber writes sweetly about the copy of The Settlement Cookbook she inherited from her mom, already worn and well-loved by the time in wound up in her hands. The recipe she shares for salmon cakes is economical and healthy. Get the recipe.

Mom's Potato Salad
This potato salad recipe from our pals at Eating Well is dead simple. And they offer a brilliant insider tip: "Sprinkling the still-warm potatoes with vinegar infuses them with more flavor than if you had added the vinegar to the dressing." Get the recipe.

Check back at the Supper Club on Friday to learn June's theme! Got ideas for upcoming themes? We're all ears!