Monsters University Very Scary Monster Nails

Supply List:

Clear base coat & top coat

Nail polish in bright blue, lime green, black, and white

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in purple (available at most drug stores)

Hole reinforcement stickers

Round toothpicks

Very Scary Monster Nails

How To:

Start with clean, dry nails. Apply a base coat and let dry. Next, paint all of your nails except each ring finger with a bright blue polish. While that is drying, paint each ring finger lime green.

Once your nails are dry, use a purple Nail Art Pen (or purple polish and a toothpick) to paint polka dots on your blue nails. For your green Mike Wazowski nail, position a hole reinforcement sticker on each dry green nail and press firmly. Paint the inside of the circle white and gently remove the sticker. Let the white circle dry, and then use black polish and a toothpick to paint a small dot in the center of the eyeball.

Once your nail creations are dry, top them off with a layer of clear topcoat. You're all ready to scare your friends with your frighteningly cute nails!
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