More hypersexual food ads: Super Seven Inchers and “Holes”

Burger KingBurger KingAfter writing about the racy Carl's Jr. spots, Burger King's controversial Sir Mix-a-Lot commercial and overly suggestive celebrity alcohol ads we realize these sexed up campaigns are becoming a huge trend.

The latest ad that has people up in arms is for the new BK Super Seven Incher Sandwich, which claims via extremely phallic injury that "it'll blow your mind away." The small print on the bottom suggests you "fill your desire for something long, juicy and flame grilled." Are we talking about fellatio here, or eating a burger? Yikes. This Burger King ad is even more blunt than the recent Quizno's Toasty Torpedo commercials, where the oven talks to an employee telling him to "put it [the sandwich] in me."

And this isn't the last of it! Hardees has just begun a cringeworthy "Name our Holes" campaign (see below). Yes, holes. They're not donut holes, but rather tiny spheres of biscuit dough "rolled in Hardee'sHardee'scinnamon and sugar and served with icing for dipping," and Hardee's wants some assistance coming up with what to call these little guys. Of course, the commercial is full of sexual innuendo, and we're sure the name they come up with will be loaded too. When does it end?

Do you think all the sexualized food ads are funny, or are they now crossing the line? [Gawker]