A-mousingly Adorable Mickey Beach Cupcakes

I love fun cupcakes, but I am the world's worst artist, which means if I have to free-hand something, it's likely to turn out looking like my toddler did it. If I have a stencil, though, I'm in business! This freezer paper stencil technique is really easy. Just draw or trace the design you want, cut it out and then use it on one cupcake after another. Ta-da! P.S. Freezer paper is usually located at the grocery store in the same section as aluminum foil or plastic wrap. I bought an enormous roll of it (150 feet) for $3. I'll probably be using it until I have grandchildren.

Ingredients: Cupcakes
Knife or frosting spatula
Freezer Paper
Craft Knife
Crushed graham crackers or sprinkles

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1. Cut a square of freezer paper that is slightly bigger than the top of your cupcake (I did about a 3.5 inch square). You'll notice that one side of the paper is shiny and one side is matte. On the matte side, draw or trace your design.

2. Using a sharp craft knife, cut out your design (this is a job for adults!).

3. Frost your cupcakes with a knife or spatula. Lay your stencil, shiny side DOWN, on top of the frosting and press gently around the edges to make sure your crumbs or sprinkles won't leak out.

4. Pour graham cracker crumbs or sprinkles all over the top of the cupcake and then shake it gently over a bowl to remove the excess. Repeat.

5. Carefully peel off your stencil and repeat on remaining cupcakes. You may want to use a paper towel or napkin to wipe any excess frosting off the stencil between cupcakes, but I didn't need to with mine.

- By Janssen Bradshaw

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