Mrs. Hughes' Teacup Candles

With this Downton Abbey inspired craft, learn how to turn your favorite vintage teacups into a homemade gift for your family and friends.

Vintage Teacup CandlesVintage Teacup Candles


Teacups (vintage or new)



Double stick tape

Glass measuring cup

Pot or pan for double boiler


Small votive candles, new or recycled

Wooden skewers for stirring and poking holes


Pick a teacup. Use one you have at home, or find one at your local thrift shop. Use double stick tape to fasten the sustainer and wick to the bottom of your teacup. Next, use a glass measuring cup to make a homemade double boiler on the stovetop.

Melt down small votives or recycled candles you have at home. Just make sure not to mix different types of wax! When the wax has all melted, pour it into your teacup until the cup is 2/3 full. Once this first layer of wax has dried, poke holes around the wick. This way, when you finish pouring the wax into your teacup, you'll end up a flat, even surface. Pour the rest of your candle, and allow it to dry for at least 24 hours before burning.

That's it! This is an easy way to recycle your favorite vintage teacups into a great gifts for your friends and family.