New Burger King Oatmeal

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Everyone knows who Burger King is and that they've recently introduced their newest menu item, however many of you aren't sure if you should waste your money on it or not because it's fast food after all and fast food is unpredictable. The new Oatmeal should be available nationwide now and is an attempt to get back some of their lost customers to other chains that are offering healthier options such as McDonald's or Starbucks. The new Oatmeal is the cheapest in the industry at only $1.99, and one of the healthiest as well coming it at only 110 calories for a regular with nothing added, while the brown sugar comes in a little higher at 270 calories. Would the new Burger King Oatmeal be any good or just fall like their old King mascot?

The interesting thing about this oatmeal is that Quaker is the brand supplying the oats, so if this doesn't go over than they could be the one's to blame. The plain oatmeal is basically what you would make at home, except that at Burger King you don't get the pleasure of making it the way you like it despite Burger King's motto of "have it your way". The oatmeal we received was more "soupy" than thick which was off putting from the beginning because it didn't have any consistency to it, and really felt watered down. The oatmeal with brown sugar in it was almost too sweet for us, but I guess you could ask them not to put so much in when or if you try it. The fruit topping was probably our favorite part about this whole meal because it added enough sweetness on its own that you don't really need the added sugar. The fruit also gave a nice contrast of textures in the oatmeal that was severely lacking, because after a while you get tired of eating the same thing over and over. This oatmeal was average compared to what the rest of the industry currently has on their menus, however if you're in a rush and need something healthy fast then perhaps this would be a good alternative for you. Overall (3 out of 5). If you want to try this oatmeal out then perhaps try ordering it with just the fruit on-top and nothing else, we found that balanced out everything the best way.

The pros are that the fruit topping adds a nice balance of sweetness to the oatmeal as well as texture, and the calories are pretty well in check for a fast food meal.

The cons are that the brown sugar is too sweet, the plain is to bland, and all the nutritional numbers aren't available yet (check back later for update).

Nutritional Information For 1 Plain:

  • Calories 110
  • Fat 1g