The Next Trend: Ombré Flower Wedding Cakes

Ombré Rose Wedding CakeThis year the ombré craze has taken over - from maxi skirts to hair colors, ombré is everywhere. By default, the ombré obsession has (unsurprisingly) made its way into the world of wedding cakes. Not only does the soft fading effect look elegant on wedding cakes, but the subtle mix between bright shades and pastel colors is a lovely fit for weddings (especially this summer, and with the edition of flowers).

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Maggie Austin, a Washington, D.C. native and former ballerina who is famous for her frilly fondant wedding cakes, created the Pink Ombré Rose Petal wedding cake that took the Internet by storm. Not only is this masterpiece breathtaking and unique, but the ombré shading she craftily uses takes guest on a visual journey up and down the cake. Martha Stewart's Ombré Gum-Paste Petal cake is equally eye-catching and elegant when it comes to its pink ombré petal design.

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Love the flower-ombré combination and want something maybe a bit more toned down? Consider this Martha Stewart Ombré Swirl Vanilla Confetti cake covered with lemon buttercream. Or, if you aren't a fan at all of the flower-ombré combination, just go ombré with another Martha Stewart creation, like the Ombré Yellow Teardrop Wedding Cake.

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Because ombré cakes are so visually appealing, the way you go about them is totally up to you. No matter the route you take, your ombré wedding cake will surely keep people talking even when the cake is long gone!

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-Montana Marie Rispoli, The Daily Meal

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