4 Ways to Hard Boil an Egg

How to hard boil an egg: 4 waysHow to hard boil an egg: 4 waysHave you ever looked up how to hard boil an egg before? You've likely seen, then, the multitudes of ways people tell you to do it. Everyone seems to have an opinion on everything from the length of time to the best way to make peelable eggs. Here, I've collected some of the most popular ways to get your eggs hard boiled for Easter decorating or just for eating, so you can decide which way you think is the right way.

Soft-Boiled EggsSoft-Boiled Eggs1. Soft-Boiled Eggs

Of course, there's more than one way to peel an egg ... or boil it. Different boiling times create different textures. Have you ever had a soft-boiled egg? Just set whites are accompanied by a runny yolk. Perhaps a few soldiers and toast will make your Easter breakfast special.

- Submerge in enough gently boiling water to cover the eggs without crowding them - start the timer as soon as you lower them into the water. For soft-boiled eggs where the white is set and the yolk is runny, boil for 4 minutes.

-You can use a pin or needle to gently poke a hole in the broad end of each egg - this alleviates the pressure created by the swelling egg white and eliminates cracked shells.

-When they're done, plunge them into cold running water to stop the cooking process. Leave them under the water for awhile if you want to cool them completely.

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Hard-Boiled EggsHard-Boiled Eggs2. Classic Hard-Boiled Eggs

Classic hard-boiled eggs are an easy task to manage. Place them in a pot. Cover with an inch of water. Turn on the heat and then off again just as they boil. Cover and wait. Cool and peel. The steps are simple, the method perfect.
Make hard-boiled eggs

Julia-Child Style Hard-Boiled EggsJulia-Child Style Hard-Boiled Eggs3. Julia Child-Style Hard-Boiled Eggs

Julia Child takes hard boiling one step further. A bit of transferring from hot to cold and hot to cold again cause a chemical reaction that pulls the peels from the egg, making these the easiest eggs to peel I've ever encountered.
Make Julia Child-style hard-boiled eggs

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Baking Soda Hard-Boiled EggsBaking Soda Hard-Boiled Eggs4. Baking Soda Hard-Boiled Eggs

Some people swear by the addition of baking soda to the water to make fresh eggs peel easier. I have tried this without success. However, I've seen a pretty convincing video that says this can make your eggs blowably easy to peel.

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