Noodling around with no-noodle lasagnas

Lasagna's all about the layers, but we're shaking them up! Instead of slithery noodles that break or are hard to handle, we used flatbreads, tortillas, egg roll wrappers and even crackers that serve as perfect subs for the traditional. And we played around with the flavors, too, riffing on Tex-Mex, Greek, pizza and more. Now that's using your noodle-even when you aren't.

Autumn Golden Vegetable Lasagna

Noodle Trick: Egg roll wrappers
You don't have to boil them, plus they have a naturally al dente texture that plays nicely with the tender veggies in this meat-free lasagna. Look for the wrappers in the refrigerated produce section of your supermarket.

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Matzo-Pizza Lasagna

Noodle Trick: Matzo
Thin, crisp matzo makes an ideal layer in this pizza-lasagna mash-up. It softens when baked but holds all the wonderful toppings together. There's no dough to stretch or noodles to boil-it's just two favorite meals combined to make one killer casserole.

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Southwestern Lasagna Torta

Noodle Trick: Corn tortillas
The Italian dish goes Tex-Mex with layers of this grocery store staple. The corny, toothsome bread and spicy pork filling make for a soft-taco-like casserole.

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Garlicky Spinach Lasagna

Noodle Trick: Wide egg noodles
They rarely clump together, are quick to cook and have a solid bite, so they're a natural substitute for traditional pasta. Plus, you probably have some in your pantry right now! The toasted breadcrumbs add a buttery crunch to the top.

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Sock-It-to-Me Moussaka Lasagna

Noodle Trick: Lavash bread
Middle Eastern flatbread is just thin and soft enough to add body and heartiness. We got so into it that we tried it with the classic Greek moussaka ingredients: eggplant, tomatoes and lamb.

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By Tracey Seaman | Photography by Craig Cutler

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