Official American serving size: 7 eggs per omelet?

A friend recently started calling me Mag-a-muffin so I decided that it was probably a good time to slam the cabinet on my muffin addiction. To start my anti-muffin movement on a high note, I popped into a cute breakfast place this morning for a delicious omelet.

After waiting a significantly long time for eggs, I started wondering what was going on and when my omelet finally arrived I immediately knew the cause of the holdup. I was shocked. It was literally the largest omelet that I've ever seen. While from a taste perspective it was super legit, fresh market mushrooms, fried goat cheese and roasted tomatoes, all perfectly distributed, I couldn't help but wonder why on earth it was a family size. I eyed the monstrosity with awe; it felt wasteful and over the top. When I asked the waiter how many eggs were used in the making of my monster and he told me that they always use seven. Seven eggs? I think that anywhere in the three to five neighborhood is normal, but seven seems like an egg overdose. What do you think the industry standard should be for the number of eggs used in a single omelet?

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