Oscar Menus: The Best Picture Nominees Inspire 10 Great Meals

by Lauren Salkeld

on 01/25/11 at 02:47 PM

It's Oscar season and once again we decided to have a little fun by using each of the 10 Best Picture nominees as inspiration for a different menu. This year's movies took us in all kinds of culinary directions. True Grit, a cowboy western from Academy darlings Joel and Ethan Coen, immediately made us think of cowboy steak, which we paired with beans and a bacon-studded Cheddar quick bread. Our favorite scene in Inception, when Ellen Page's character folds Paris in half, led us to create a French café menu. For 127 Hours, we started with Aron Ralston's limited rations-a burrito and a bottle of water-then rounded out the menu with healthy, food-as-fuel recipes. And for Black Swan, we choose black and white dishes to highlight the film's obsession with opposites.

And now for the nominees:
(click each title for it's award-winning recipe)

The Social Network

The Kids Are Alright

127 Hours

The King's Speech

Black Swan

True Grit


The Fighter

Winter's Bone

Toy Story 3

Cook up these enticing feasts when you watch the nominated films. Or, better yet, make them for your Oscar party.


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