Our Favorite Halloween Themed Food

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Well that special time of year is upon us when the leaves start to change and everyone finally realizes the holiday season is upon us. For many of you the season starts in about a month with Halloween and to help you get in the spirit a little early we're going to do a roundup of some Halloween themed treats on the market today. Everything in this article can be found in any grocery store around the United States and shouldn't be a problem for anyone to track down.

Our first Halloween themed treat we want you to be aware of are the black, silver, and orange colored Hershey's Kisses that stood out among other81ziWaOI6UL__AA1500_-560x56081ziWaOI6UL__AA1500_-560x560 treats to us because of their obvious color combination. There's not much different about these Kisses aside from the fact that their foil wrappings mimic the colors of Halloween, because under those wrappers is just plain old milk chocolate. If you want to get into the spirit a little more, then we recommend you give there Caramel filled Kisses a try or even their new Air Delights Kisses that are extremely fun to eat because their filled with little air bubbles. One of the great things about Kisses is that they're portion controlled and they allow you to get away with eating one or two without losing control, like you could if you were to get your hands on a chocolate bar. You can have 4 Kisses for only 100 calories, so enjoy!

unnamedunnamedThe Halloween themed Oreo's are basically the exact same thing as the original Oreo with the main difference being the orange creme filling on the inside. The cookies are chocolate flavor like you would expect, and are just a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit. We did some researching on-line and found that there are a ton of recipes out there that include these Halloween Oreo's into them, such as brownies, cakes, and cookies. While these may not be as exciting as the new Triple Double we reviewed they're a little healthier mainly because there smaller, but it makes you feel like you're getting more than you really are and once again portion control is the key. You can have two Oreo's for 100 calories and 10 grams of sugar, as opposed to some candy bars that can run you twice the amount.

81YxBmJfldL__AA1500_-560x56081YxBmJfldL__AA1500_-560x560Hershey's says "The delicious combination of rich white creme and light, crispy wafers, now in a festive orange Halloween color! These fun, snack size bars make it easier than ever to make BREAK TIME, ANYTIME." Honestly we couldn't agree more, because they look so fun and festive it's hard not to recognize these little wafers. As a plus you can get away with eating a bar for only 90 calories, just watch it though because the saturated fat is higher in Kit Kat's than other chocolate bars.

This next treat comes in with more calories (180) 81R6A2ELqrL__AA1500_-225x22581R6A2ELqrL__AA1500_-225x225so you might want to watch it with these come Halloween night, however we couldn't get past their fun pumpkin shape. The taste is exactly like the original so there should be no surprises there. Reese's also has a football shaped peanut butter cup in stores now as well, just be careful about how many of these "snack size" pumpkins you take in.

This last treat is presented by Nabisco Chips Ahoy and is just another creation for one of the holiday's thishalloween chips ahoyhalloween chips ahoy year. This cookie is a little different than their others because it has chocolate chips as well as M&M candy pieces throughout the cookies. Two cookies has 100 calories so you can splurge a little, but you might not want to because there not that great.