Go with the Grain: Copycat Chipotle® Cilantro-Lime Rice

An easy and delicious rice recipe.An easy and delicious rice recipe.If you're a fan of the Chipotle chain, you'll love this! I am always looking for easy recipes - so easy they hardly even qualify as an official "recipe." This is one of the best that even non-cooks can master on the first try. It has three main ingredients - all of which I love! I could literally eat several servings of this rice without an entree.

Fresh Cilantro
Fresh Limes

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1. Following the directions of the rice that you use, measure out the water needed for rice cooking.

2. Wash and cut the stems off of fresh cilantro. I use the same amount of cilantro as I do rice in a recipe.

3. Add the water and cilantro into a blender.

4. On high speed, blend until you have a lovely green cilantro liquid.

5. Measure the rice.

6. Add the cilantro liquid and rice to a pan. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat and cover. Cook for 15 minutes and then let stand 5 minutes.

7. Squeeze fresh lime juice over the cilantro rice.

- By Holly Homer

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