'Peeps Show' Contest Winner Revealed

Photo by: The Washington Post
Winner: Chilean CoPeepapo Mine Rescue-
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Thu, Oct 6, 2011 4:05 PM EDT

By Claudine Zap

It's a scientific fact that Marshmallow Peeps are practically indestructible. Which is a good thing, considering that the Easter candy is used for so much more than eating: Peeps have become central props in colorful diorama contests.

The Washington Post held a must-see Peeps Show for the fifth year, with eye-popping results that must be viewed to be believed. This year's winner came up with a candy re-creation of the incredible rescue of 33 miners in Chile. See the winner of the Peeps Show and the runner's up in the slide show above.

Last year's winner re-created the house elevated by balloons in the movie "Up." A-mazing.

The chick-shaped treat with the hecka-long lifespan dates back to the 1950s and has only grown in popularity on the Web. Searches in the last week alone for "marshmallow peeps" have sweetened the Search box almost 1,000%. Peeps fans are also craving "marshmallow peeps recipes," "peeps dioramas," and "peeps art."

Naturally, you can also "like" Peeps on Facebook. Those who already have given the sweet treats the thumbs up: Kelly Ripa, Miranda Cosgrove, and Reba McEntire. Here, a roundup of our favorites.

Peeps shows
Peeps on the Web like "washington post peeps diorama" searches were "peepular," as were lookups on "peeps dioramas," "peeps diorama contest," and "peeps craft ideas," which all saw gains in the Search box. The Post isn't the only Peeps-obsessed paper: Newspapers from Washington State to Washington, D.C. hold Peeps diorama competitions.

Some prefer their creativity in the kitchen over the art studio. Lucky for them, Peeps can also be a key ingredient. What says Easter more than a Peeps baked good? Bakers are cooking up a storm of searches for "peeps sunflower cake." Ingredients include (according to the official Peeps website): 3 packages yellow Peeps, 1 package standard boxed cake mix, 2 containers chocolate frosting, 1 bag chocolate chips, 1 tube green icing. Bake, decorate, serve. (Get the full recipe here.)

So peepular
If the Web doesn't cut it for your Peeps craze, there's always the Peeps store outside Washington, D.C., which features 850 Peeps products (most of them inedible, like plush toys and Lenox dishware). And then there's that really, really long shelf life, which make Peeps so perfect for doing things like...not eating them. If you don't get around to baking, eating, or making art with your Peeps this year, fear not. The Peeps will keep.