The Perfect Secret Ingredient for Summer Dishes

flickr.comflickr.comAs the weather heats up, let's give a warm welcome to one of the country's favorite herbs-chives-universally adored, universally versatile. With a delicate and sweet onion flavor and bright vibrant color, chives add both taste and beauty to any party dish (savory dish, of course. We advise you don't go replacing your sprinkles with this green…unless you really want to make an impression).

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Starting in June, chives peak and burst with flavor, practically begging to be added to your potato salads, meat dishes, finger-food appetizers, and so much more. Just check out our Yardbird Southern Table Deviled Eggs recipe. Drool-inducing before, but suddenly with the addition of chives, they become delectable (and frankly, irresistible). For more chive-spiration, check out 6 Seasonal Recipes for Chives and Spring Onions for more dish ideas. Now the possibilities are endless, so get chopping, sprinkling, and partying!

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-Brooke Beytin, The Daily Meal

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