If You like Piña Coladas

Lighter Piña Coladas

You'll like our way of losing almost all the sat fat while keeping the delicious coconutty goodness. By Sidney Fry, MS, RD

Nothing says "escape" like a creamy, ice-cold piña colada: cocktail in hand, feet in the sand, music in the background (hopefully not that dreadful piña colada song, the last #1 hit of the 1970s, unless it's a guilty pleasure). Unfortunately, nothing says "better head to the gym" like a piña colada, too: 425 calories, 8 grams of saturated fat, most of which comes from the mysterious goo known as cream of coconut. We'll show you how we kept the vacation-worthy flavor while slashing fat and calories. At just 158 calories, it's all pleasure, no guilt.

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• 425 calories per drink
• 9.4 grams total fat
• 8.8 grams saturated fat

• 158 calories per drink
• 1.2 grams total fat
• 1 gram saturated fat

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Tip #1: Homemade Coconut Milk

We make our own infused coconut milk to replace heavy, sugary cream of coconut. This cuts 176 calories and 8 grams of sat fat per drink. Save day-of prep time by doing this step (step 1) the night before.

Tip #2: Fresh Pineapple

Pineapple peaks in summer; it's sweet, slightly tart, and juicy. Sub fresh fruit for some of the canned juice and save 44 calories per drink. A splash of juice adds more acidity.

Tip #3: Gold Rum

We opted for the darker variety, with its hints of caramel and molasses, which better complement the creamy coconut and tart pineapple.

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Piña Coladas


2 cups flaked sweetened coconut
1 (12-ounce) can evaporated fat-free milk
2 cups cubed fresh pineapple
2 1/2 cups ice cubes
3/4 cup gold rum (such as Bacardi Gold)
1/4 cup pineapple juice $
2 tablespoons light agave nectar
8 fresh pineapple slices


1. Combine 2 cups coconut and evaporated milk in a medium saucepan over medium heat, and cook until tiny bubbles form around edge (do not boil), about 7 minutes. Remove from heat. Cover and chill at least 4 hours or up to overnight.
2. Arrange pineapple in a single layer on a baking sheet; freeze at least 1 hour or until firm.
3. Strain coconut mixture through a sieve over a medium bowl, pressing coconut with the back of a spoon to remove as much milk as possible. Discard solids.
4. Combine pineapple, ice cubes, rum, juice, and agave nectar in a blender; process mixture until smooth. Add milk mixture, and process until smooth. Serve with pineapple slices.

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