Picture Perfect: 3 Incredible Movie-Inspired Wedding Cakes

flickr/sugarmonsterflickr/sugarmonsterMovie dates are magical in every sense of the word. The lights are low, your heart is racing, and suddenly you are aware of the very little space that there is between you and your date. A brush of the hand into the popcorn bucket and bam! More sparks are flying in the third row than on the screen. Intense passion like that is not easily forgotten, and could be the very reason why we identify so much with the characters on the big screen. Some of us identify with them so much that we immortalize them in our scrapbooks via a wedding cake design.

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You'd be surprised what couples consider moving enough to use as a tasty symbol of their love. One couple went the magical route with a Harry Potter cake. Another clicked their heels three times and found home in one another's hearts as symbolized in their Wizard of Oz Cake. And we love the idea of "the force" driving couples together with their Star Wars cakes.

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When it comes to you big day, though it really is all about you, a formal event can leave little room to be playful. Express your unique love with a unique cake design - whether it is the movies, a holiday, or just a design that screams "you"!

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Yes, you better believe it - there have been countless wedding themes devoted to the infatuation of the Twilight franchise. Conjure up the ardent love that Edward and Bella share with this edgy and brooding Twilight cake.

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James Bond
(pictured above)

Want to add some action to your wedding day? Consider this James Bond cake and feel like an undercover spy as you strut down the aisle. This entertaining confection will ensure that your wedding won't have a dull moment, and your guests won't be able to resist the James Bond charm - who can?

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flickr/wookie113flickr/wookie113Star Wars

From far away, this may look like your average white wedding cake, but your guests will be pleased to see that up close, the truth is in the quirky details as Star Wars characters accompany this fantasy cake.

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-Lauren Gordon, The Daily Meal