Pop Quiz: Which of these is NOT a whole grain?

Wheat Berry Salad with Red FruitWheat Berry Salad with Red Fruit1) Oatmeal
2) Bran cereal
3) Brown rice
4) 100% wheat bread

If you said bran cereal and wheat bread, give yourself an A. If you didn't, don't feel too bad: more than 80 percent of people who responded to a recent survey by EatingWell and the USA Rice Board also got that wrong.

So what's the difference and why should you care? Because whole grains have more fiber, which means they not only fill you up, but also help fight heart disease and cancer. That's why at EatingWell we create delicious whole-grain recipes that will help you get your recommended three servings of whole grains a day, without getting bored.

Here's an easy and delicious way to have a perfect whole-grain day:

Breakfast: Maple Nut & Pear Oatmeal Scones Delicate pears, pecans and maple flavor make these scones really special.

Lunch: One of my all-time favorite recipes is a simple, crunchy Wheat Berry Salad with Red Fruit. It's super-easy and the last time I bought wheat berries, they were only 69 cents a pound, making it a great value.

Snacks or appetizers: Brown Rice & Goat Cheese Cakes make perfect finger food or a topping for salads. Medium-grain brown rice has a toothsome texture and nutty flavor that nicely complements the creamy, earthy goat cheese.

Dinner: If you have trouble getting the kids to eat any grain that's not white, try Black Rice Curried Meatloaf: it takes less than 35 minutes and when topped with a little mango chutney is delicious enough to serve for a party.

By Lisa Gosselin

Lisa Gosselin is editorial director for EatingWell Media Group. Her passion for food started when she was a kid, growing up in Paris, France. Lisa's favorite thing to do when she visits someplace new is to find a local food market and try something she's never tasted before.

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