Powders, Dusts and Dirts are the New Sauces

Goodbye same-old sauces. Powders, crumbles, dusts and "dirts" are the new "in" flavors in restaurants . Try 'em at home with spice grinder!

Out: Chocolate sauce
In: Chocolate Dirt

You won't miss the hot fudge after trying former chef Ryan Poli's chocolate dirt at Perennial restaurant in Chicago. "Picture cookie crumbs, but ten times more moist," he says. A "big pile" was served underneath a scoop of decadent coffee ice cream.
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Out: Peanut Sauce
In: Peanut Butter Powder

Chef Drew Van Leuvan at One Midtown Kitchen in Atlanta makes a peanut butter powder by drying out the creamy spread with a superabsorbent tapioca starch, then pushing it through a sieve. When the powder arrives at the table atop bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin, you'll be in love at first sight-and sniff. And homemade apple jam is dished on the side, in a nod to PBJ.

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Out: Lemon Juice
In: Dried Tangerine Dust

Chef Jason Santos says he's on a mission to prove freeze dried fruit is not just for hikers and campers (even though he does buy the dried fruit used to make his tangerine dust from an outdoor sporting goods store). He grinds it down to a light, tart powder, then sifts that over rich lamb loin at Gargoyles On the Square in Somerville, Massachusetts.

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Out: Hot Sauce
In: Caper Powder

Pickled caperberries give the deviled eggs at Firefly in Washington, D.C., their signature vinegary kick, but chef Danny Bortnick prepares them with a twist: He dries them out atop a warm oven overnight, then pulverizes them in a coffee grinder.

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