Practice the art of perfectly sliced tomatoes

Buy Kyocera Ceramic Blade Tomato Knife here.Buy Kyocera Ceramic Blade Tomato Knife here. Nothing's better than the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables from your garden or the farmer's market. To us at Daily Grommet, there's nothing better than a tomato picked right off the vine. We use them in salads, sauces, sandwiches and salsa. But we've learned the hard way that having a good sharp knife to cut fresh tomatoes is essential, or you'll wind up with a mutilated, pulpy mess.

Buy Ceramic Blade Tomato KnifeBuy Ceramic Blade Tomato Knife Kyocera's micro serrated utility knife is perfect for tomatoes. It's lightweight with a razor-sharp ceramic blade (made from zirconium oxide) that lets you make clean, precise cuts. It won't rust, and it's impervious to acids, oils and salts so it doesn't alter the taste, smell or appearance of food. Besides tomatoes, Kyocera's serrated knife is great for slicing any foods with a waxy skin and soft center. For a clean, uniform cut every time, nothing beats it.

Teresa ScennaTeresa Scenna "You can use it for so many different fruits and vegetables because it doesn't discolor [the food] and it won't give an aftertaste," says Teresa Scenna, an expert in Italian cooking who tested Kyocera's knife for Daily Grommet. That's her on the right with her daughter Connie. Those of us who were in the office that day hit the culinary jackpot - we got to enjoy Teresa's superb insalata caprese. Buon appetito!

Buy the Kyocera ceramic blade tomato knife here.

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