R.I.P. Dippin' Dots? Little ice cream pellets of the future may not have one.

The ice cream of the future could become the ice cream of the past. Dippin' dots is filing for bankruptcy protection which might mean the end of eating tiny little moth-balls while walking around a mall.

There's a chance the company can reorganize and pull itself up from it's bootstraps for the sake of dot-heads everywhere.
"Dippin' Dots, Inc. does not anticipate that this situation will interrupt its ability to deliver supplies or service to any of its valued customers during this period," a company spokesperson said in a statement. "Under a plan of reorganization, Dippin' Dots, Inc. will seek an equitable restructuring of debt that will allow the company to honor obligations to its vendors and other stakeholders."
I'm taking that to mean Dippin' Dots wants to live! Right now we're holding a vigil and placing a sample spoonful in a time capsule.

Perhaps the greatest cold snack invention since Bon Bons (remember those guys?) Dippin' Dots were, in fact, mounds of ice cream flash frozen with liquid nitrogen.

The result was the unthinkable: it didn't melt or drip, and eating the little pellets actually made you feel like you were one step closer to living in a world worthy of a Jetson.

There were all sorts of flavors: banana split, cookies and cream, tropical tye dye and alien vanilla crunch. All of them looked like shrunken down versions of those mint bowls at the cash registers in diners. Mmmm.

I know I shouldn't be using the past tense just yet. Dippin' Dots are still around and they always will be. I don't think those things expire, even in your stomach.

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