Royal Wedding Tribute with Bangers & Mash Pies

An Italian Style Version Click here for the recipe!

Italian Style Bangers and Mash Hand Pies

One of the most beautiful Royal couples will marry today. I became interested in the Royal Wedding pre martial interviews when Prince William was interviewed. He touched my heart with his words about his mom, Princess Diana. He talked about the great love he will always hold for her and how he thinks about his mother Princess Diana everyday on her teachings, as much was taught to him by her in his role of who he became as an adult and stood Prince. Today he still carries those values with him and isn't a day that goes by he doesn't think of her. Kate Middleton, his Princess bride to be, said she wanted to model after her in this new life she will begin and take after in his mom memory and role model. Such a tearful moment in time to think his mom was only 36 years old at her untimely death. A great mom, Princess, and will be sadly missed there today, how wonderful to hear her son will have her with him there in spirit all day. Wishing them every happiness today and always.

In honor of the Royal Wedding what a gorgeous couple...