ScarJo's a Carb Queen: 5 Things She Actually Eats

Interview by Adam Sachs, Gourmet Live guest blogger

Gourmet Live
sat down with actress Scarlett Johansson to talk food, favorite TV shows, and New York vs. LA. But given her famous figure, it's her love of carbs that interests us the most. Here are 5 of her favorites:

1. Bagels: Scarlett loves bagels so much that she's recently been contemplating making them herself. "It is impossible to get great ones [in LA]," she says. "I looked online and there were a bunch of videos. It's not as hard as you'd think it would be."

2. Carrot Cake: "This friend of mine is coming over and he said 'I'll come over for tea.' So I thought, what do we have with tea?" she explains. She settled on serving tiny homemade carrot teacakes.

3. Banana Cream Pies: "I like banana cream pies," she says. "Those pies are just hilarious. No lemon meringue pie. I don't like lemony things."

4. Pastries: "I like to bake cakes and pastries and cookies and things like that. And pie. But I'm not a person who is like… 'Mmmm fresh baked bread!' I don't like the idea of active yeast."

5. Pasta: "Undercooked pasta," she insists. "Really undercooked. Very al dente."

To read the rest of the story-and learn why Scarlett thinks poaching an egg is harder than making an entire dinner-click here.

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