The Secret Trick to Never Buying a Rotten Avocado Again

Sarah Jio, Glamour magazine

Avocados are a healthy staple in my house, and probably yours too. But you know what's really annoying? Yep, slicing into one that you just bought only to find that it's rotten inside. Boo! Here's the brilliant, sneaky way to determine if avocados are still fresh BEFORE you buy them...

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Erica from Northwest Edible Life shared a smart tip that just might change the way you shop for avocados for the rest of your life! Here's what you do:

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"Before you commit to a specific avocado, look for all the external signs of ripe-but-not-rotten," she writes. "With a Haas avocado (the variety we tend to get on the West coast), the skin should be very dark green-to-black and bumpy. The fruit should feel heavy and firm, with no obvious smooshy parts or flat areas. Now here's the trick. Once you've got a good candidate, take a sneak-peak at what's inside. Discreetly flick the dry stem off the fruit."

If it looks dark and rotten inside, don't buy it!

If it looks nice and light green, you're good to go!

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So smart, right?

P.S. Deviled eggs with avocado! And, you have to try these amazing avocado pops (I'm obsessed!)

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