Share Your Sexiest Dish with the Shine Supper Club

At this point in winter's deep freeze, most of us feel anything but hot. The dry skin on my hand's looks like it belongs to a Golden Girl. My lips are too flaky for red lipstick, and even the most ambitious sidewalk cat-caller has little to respond to: my shape is buried under a couple layers of wool. All of which leads me to believe that whoever decided to "brighten up" February with Valentine's Day was a freak.

And yet...

Leaning over a bowl of dumpling soup lends a milkmaid flush to our cheeks (and inspires a new term of endearment). Lusty, falling-apart short ribs warm us from the inside, and a dark chocolate mousse is richly decadent but still airy. These are our sexy foods: our go-to recipes for seduction that can raise temperatures in even the darkest and dreariest winter month. This month, The Shine Supper Club asks you to share your tried-and-true sexiest dish. Here's how to join us:

1. Write a blog post telling us about your sexiest dish by Sunday 11:59PM PST, February 24th. Be sure to include a photo and a recipe.
2. Mention and link to the Shine Supper Club in your post:
3. Tweet @YahooShine with a link to your post and include the hashtag #shinesupperclub. Aren't on Twitter? Email the link to shine_sarahmccoll at We will compile the links for all participants to include in their posts so all Supper Club members can share in the link love.
4. Finalists will be posted in a poll by 12PM Monday, February 25 with voting open to the community until 12PM PST Wednesday, February 27. The winning recipe will be added to the Shine Supper Club winner's circle (with a badge to post on their blog) and be featured on the Shine homepage.