Shine Birthday Cake Contest: Vote for the Winner!

Remember when it was somebody's birthday in grade school? A tray of cupcakes would show up after lunch, and the classroom would erupt in frenzied, pre-sugar-rush birthday glee. Multiply that by 47, subtract the sugar crash, and you've got an idea of about how excited we were to see the birthday cakes you baked.

And y'all can bake (and make gum flowers, and polka dots, and mount Barbies on top of three tiers of buttercream...). To say we were wowed and humbled--and very, very hungry--doesn't even cover it. In fact, narrowing the cakes down to five finalists was so brutal it hurt. These cakes were amazing.

Without further ado, it's time to cast your vote for the best Shine Birthday Cake. We only wish you bakers made deliveries.

For Official Rules, including odds, and prize descriptions, click here. Void where prohibited.

One last thing: we'd be remiss if we didn't call-out our two honorable mentions:
Ashley Sullivan1's rising sun cake
Tirzah Mounsey's white cake with flowers

A huge thank you to everyone for entering! We'll announce the winner here on Shine on Wednesday, April 4 at 12pm PST.




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Vote for the winner in the Shine Birthday Cake Contest!