Shine Supper Club Winner!

Melty Chocolate Ice Cream ConeOn a sweltering, fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk summer day, only two things can be counted on to cool you off: a dip in a pool and an ice cream cone. (Had in quick succession, it's the stuff February daydreams are made of.) But part of the fun is the quick work of it. Sometimes, no matter how fast you lick, the chocolate-vanilla-strawberry drips down the cone and onto your hand--a sticky, delicious mess. It's a quintessential summer moment FiguerasPhoto captured beautifully in this photograph and these simple words: "Summer just wouldn't be summer without a melty chocolate ice cream cone." We couldn't agree more, and neither could you. Shine readers chose this entry as the best embodiment of the First Bite of Summer in June's Supper Club. Now, please pass the ice cream.

Curious about the Supper Club? Check back at noon PST on July 2 to learn the new theme and join us in our next eating adventure. Word has it there'll be a prize!

Thanks to everyone who participated, and congrats to FiguerasPhoto!