Shine Tries It: Girl Scout Cookie-Flavored Nestle Crunch Bar

What's your favorite flavor? What's your favorite flavor? Welcome to "Shine Tries It," a new feature where we try things so you don't have to. Every Friday our editors will road-test unusual products and unbelievable promises to find out what lives up to the hype and what doesn't. Warning: don't try any of this at home, until we do.

Remember the prehistoric times when children had to wait for things? The days dragged as you pined for a new episode of your favorite television program or a certain Nancy Drew mystery to be returned to the library. For me, one of the most anticipated events was the arrival of six green boxes of Girl Scout Cookies ordered by mom what seemed like years before.

For the last few months, there have been mouth-watering rumors that a mythical Girl Scout Cookie-Nestle Crunch Bar mashup would actually be coming to stores sometime this summer. Indeed, on May 8, the waiting was over-a limited number went on pre-sale on Facebook. Cookie fans freaked out and, alas, they were gone in under twenty-four hours.

Girls Scout Cookies posterGirls Scout Cookies posterAfter many pleading e-mails, phone calls, a stolen Fedex package, and two lost bike messengers, I managed to get my hands on all three flavors for our first "Shine Tries It" column. Were they worth it?

Thin Mint: Dark and crunchy with a cool kiss of mint. The Thin Mint bar tastes almost elegant in its restrained sweetness. Dare I say this candy is better than the original cookie?

Carmel and Coconut (Samoa): Before I bit into this milk chocolate covered bar with caramel stripes, an almost perfume-y waft of coconut hit my nose. These bars are little more sugary because of the chewy caramel layers sandwiched between crisp wafers. If you like coconut and have sweet tooth, you won't be disappointed.

Peanut Butter Crème (Tagalong): A nice balance of natural, creamy peanut flavor sandwiched between thin, crisp wafers. The milk chocolate coating gets a little lost behind the peanut butter. Tasty, but not memorable.

The good news for all you cookie monsters: You can find Thin Mint, Tagalong, and Samoa-flavored goodies in select stores beginning June 1. Just like the originals, the Girl Scout Cookie spin-offs will be available for a limited time only. Come September (or sooner, if they sell out) the candy bars will be gone.

What's your favorite Girl Scout Cookie? Let us know in the comments below.