Shoplifter douses Victoria’s Secret underwear worth $747.50 in chili. Not sexy.

Lauren "Chili-Thong" Jackson is part of a proud tradition of revenge artists known to dunk their adversaries' toothbrushes in the toilet, spit in their food, or, in this case, dump chili all over their underwear. The New York Post reports that Lauren didn't take it well when a Victoria's Secret in White Plains, NY threw her out for a prior shoplifting incident. She reacted by dumping chili over 65 pairs of panties worth $747.50. Oh to be 19 and completely unscrupulous. That was back in April. This past week, Lauren was unable to stay away from Victoria's lacy, mass-market, underthings. She was recognized by an employee at the scene of the crime, where she was arrested for third-degree criminal mischief, which sounds cute, but is actually a felony.

To celebrate justice being served, we've paired some more foods and clothing that go nicely together:

  • pants + mojitos
  • belts + soft pretzels
  • sandals + lettuce
  • Spanx + tea
  • Boxer briefs + heirloom tomatoes

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