Show Us How You're Eating the First Spring Vegetables

Spring is here, and we plan to gorge ourselves on asparagus, radishes, rhubarb, pea shoots, carrots, and baby lettuces until we blow-up like a rainbow variation of Violet Beauregarde. Not really. We actually want to graze like a spring-stepped bunny or women at a very ladylike lunch, but you get the idea. We know you're sick of those kale salads, too. Show us the bright spring veggies you're eating!

1. Snap a pic of how you're cooking and eating the first spring vegetables. Do it on your blog, Instagram, or Flickr by Sunday 11:59PM PST, April 21st.

2. Tweet @YahooShine with a link to your post and include the hashtag #shinesupperclub.

3. The best-looking finalists will be posted in a poll by 12PM PST Monday, April 22 with voting open to the community until 12PM PST Wednesday, April 24. The winning entry will be added to the Shine Supper Club winner's circle (with a badge to post on their blog) and

featured on the Shine homepage. Woot!

Need some inspiration to get you going? Allow us to help: