Shrimp Arugula Tomato Calzone

Do you like Calzone? Stuffed dough?

Shrimp, Arugula, Tomato Calzone

Fontina cheese, fresh grated parmesan, fresh spinach, tomatoes and shrimp a fantastic combination all tucked inside this homemade dough!
A great blend of flavors, one we make often. If you loves greens use whatever kind you like. We have used escarole, spinach and swiss chard. All worked very good with the fillings. Growing up when we would add many different different ingredients to the filling, it would be called a dirty roll instead of Calzone. There are many different combinations that would also make this a dirty roll my Aunt would call that to a sausage roll that had many other ingredients added to it. I always found that funny to hear, it would be referred to many times when you would go off the normal recipe with different ingredients.So here is the Shrimp version of our dirty roll~