Simple Summer Sandwiches on the Shine Supper Club Menu

Sometimes the timing of these crazy food holidays feels like the work of sadists. (Lasagna Day on July 28? Who does that?) But every now and then the stars and the seasons and the hungry little elves who dream up the random food holidays align, and our world seems one ruled by logic and reason. August is Sandwich Month; someone had their thinking cap on for that one. It's the time of year when the gas company might as well just pack it up. Nobody wants to turn on their stove, let alone the oven, and if there were ever a time to eat thick slices of ripe brandywine tomatoes on top of sourdough bread it's now. Let's feast on summer sandwiches this month for the Shine Supper Club! You're already eating them for dinner anyway, aren't you? And for good reason: nothing could be easier or more emblematic of these last lazy days of summer.

Join us!
1. Tweet @YahooShine a link to an original recipe and photo and include the hashtag #shinesupperclub by Sunday, August 25, 11:59PM PST. We will compile the links in a slideshow on Shine featuring all Supper Club participants and link to your site (hello, traffic bump!).

2. Finalists will be posted in a poll by 12PM PST Monday, August 26 with voting open to the community until 12PM PST Wednesday, August 28. The winning recipe will be added to the Shine Supper Club winner's circle (with a badge to post on their blog) and featured on the Shine homepage.