Spam loaf Hawaiian, and other delights

Are more people buying Spam to stretch their food dollars? Do you share a secret love of the canned meat product?

Epicurious Recipe Swap posters have been sharing a variety of methods for preparing and serving Spam.

Syscrest recalls Spam Loaf Hawaiian: "We would cut slits in the little Spam loaf, but not all the way through. Then we would insert half pineapple rings into each slit, spread a little mustard on top, sprinkle brown sugar on top and bake it in the oven just 'til it was hot and the brown sugar got all glazey."

Jfain admits that their first attempt at Spam Sushi was intended as a joke: "I made it, expecting the worst, and what do you know, it was great. I made it again for a party and people lapped it up."

"I am a very closeted Spam Eater," reveals Skyemaire. "I keep it hidden from all my friends, and most of my family. It is embarrassing to admit openly "I like Spam." It's like you lose all your personal power and credibility as a 'foodie.' "

Skyemaire has an interesting range of Spam recipes: "I like it fried. I like it minced with grated Cheddar cheese and grated dill pickles and that other embarrassing condiment, Miracle Whip, and have a sandwich spread that makes my mouth water until I can spread it on toasted bread and dump it into my body.

"Spam is delicious cooked in a Crockpot with potatoes, onions, and green beans. Gacky to read that combo, but honest to God, it is good.

"Spam done in big chunks with cherry cola and soy sauce in the Crockpot is wonderful mixed at the last with stir-fried green and red peppers, onion, and some chunk pineapple, and serve it over rice."

Now it's your turn. Confession is good for the soul. How do you liked to eat your Spam?

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