It All Starts with a Naked Banana

Who would of thought that life could be so good knowing that is all started with a naked banana? Well, I did! I am Tea Santos and I live in San Antonio, Texas the owner/baker at The Naked Banana Company a Gourmet Banana Bread specializing in a variety of breads tailored to ones diet and likeing of course.

Last year in November I began breaking bread around the city with an old fashion simple recipe of banana bread. It seemed as if everyone had gone bananas over the product that I just couldn't see myself stopping after the holidays. I knew if I was still selling bread after the holidays I was on to something and with a name like "The Naked Banana" for sure inquiring minds would want to know. I based the business concept on Build a Bear where you go and build a bear (dress it up to your liking) well the same concept would reflect on this business because "it all starts with a naked banana" dress it up to your liking.

Now, I'm not a baker by no means and never thought I would ever see myself baking anything. Being creative was just not my forte. I have however mastered the banana bread into a unique stand alone business "niche market" as I like to put it because I have now created over 40 different types of breads including an all natural banana bread, and Gluten Free breads as well. These breads can be purchased through the online bake shop at

Fall is right around the corner and it seems as if everyone is wanting APPLES!! I have just created an Apple Cinnamon Spice Banana bread with a walnut crusted top glazed with caramelized apples. This bread was recently featured on the local morning show San Antonio Living WOAI News 4.

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