Stick it to Me: 7 Food Pop Recipes

Ever since Bakerella went and put cake balls on sucker sticks, the world has been hungry for food pops. But frosting and candy melts aren't the only way to serve up treats on a stick. A variety of sweet and savory variations - from pizza pops to breakfasts on a stick - have hit the Internet and there's nothing but yum that you can do about it. Here are our top 7 favorite food pops.

Grilled Pineapple PopsGrilled Pineapple Pops1. Grilled Pineapple Pops These pineapple pops only have two ingredients (pineapple and brown sugar!) and can be prepped and made in under 10 minutes! Make them outside on the grill or inside using a grill pan or panini press.

Make grilled pineapple pops:

Ingredients: fresh pineapple - peeled and cut into rectangles
1/4 cup brown sugar

1. If grilling indoors, spray your grill pan/panini press with cooking spray. Heat pan over medium-high heat.

2. WHILE pan/grill is heating, insert skewers vertically half way through pineapple, careful not to pierce fruit. Continue until you have desired number of pineapple skewers.

3. Into a shallow bowl/dish add brown sugar. Roll skewered pineapple into brown sugar, coating all sides. Tap excess sugar off.

4. Place sugared pineapple skewers into hot pan/grill. Allow pineapple to caramelize on all sides.

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Apple Pie Pops Apple Pie Pops 2. Apple Pie Pops
Apple Pie Pops turn an American classic into the hottest foodie rage ever to hit the World Wide Web!
Make apple pie pops

Pizza PopsPizza Pops3. Pizza Pops
Pizza Pops are a deliciously adorable option for Pizza Party night! Just bake pizza on a stick and get poppin'.
Make pizza pops

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Panini Pops Panini Pops 4. Panini Pops
Get your Grilled cheese on…on a stick with these Playful Panini Pops.
Make panini pops

Breakfast Pops Breakfast Pops 5. Breakfast Pops
Who says breakfast has to be served in a bowl? Turn your morning into a sunny day with these fun, little "Snatch and Go Breakfast Pops."
Make breakfast pops

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Mini Dog PopsMini Dog Pops6. Mini Dog Pops
Baked Mini Corn Dogs are even cuter than the big, traditionally-sized ones! Better yet, they are so easy to make, and the end result is invitingly delicious!
Make mini dog pops

Sweet Potato Samosas Sweet Potato Samosas 7. Sweet Potato Samosas
Sweet Potato Samosas are a fun, vegetarian twist on a classic Indian dish.
Make sweet potato samosas

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