Super Easy Marshmallow Pumpkins

By Valerie Deneen for

Marshmallow Pumpkins Marshmallow Pumpkins My daughter Emily and I love to do some Halloween "baking" every year. She thinks these marshmallow pumpkins are the coolest thing, and they are super-easy to make. Each marshmallow makes two pumpkins. Very frugal! Emily made these with very little help from me whatsoever. For a slightly healthier option, try slices of banana instead of marshmallows. I say, go for the marshmallows! After all, Halloween only comes but once a year.

Begin by cutting each large marshmallow in half. It is scientifically proven that when you cut sweets in half, all of the calories spill right out! Related: DIY Pumpkin Candles
Poke the skewer throughPoke the skewer through

Poke the marshmallow through a skewer.

Put the marshmallow in water. Put the marshmallow in water.

Let the marshmallow go for a quick swim in a small bowl of water.

Time for the sugar! Time for the sugar!

Cover with orange decorating sugar! Emily did a happy dance when we got to this step, and I think a happy dance is mandatory for this activity. It makes the marshmallows taste a little better. Related: Halloween Goodies for Grown-Ups
Use green icing for the stems. Use green icing for the stems.

Use green icing to make stems.

The taste test results….. success!! Nom nom nom!

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