Tactics for Toxic – Free Lunches

Package lunchPackage lunchWhenever you pack lunches for your kids, make sure you do it in toxic - free containers. Here are a few tips which will ensure that your kids will not eat contaminated food. All these products are free of harmful chemicals such as BPA, PVC, phthalate and lead.

Pre - School and Kindergarten Students

If your children are in a pre - school, then their lunch time will be short. It would be best that your child takes the minimum possible time to open his lunch and gobble it down. All the products mentioned below are great for packing lunches in a quick and easy way.

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Sandwich Wrap

Sandwich wraps are made from nylon and cotton. They are can easily be folded and contain Velcro, which keeps all eatables fresh. When the lunch bell rigs, your little child will just have to unwrap it, and these great sandwich wraps will turn into a placemat. The best thing about these special wraps is that they are reusable.

Snack/Wich Ditty

Snack/wich ditty is a good option if your kids want to have fish crackers or other loose and dry items for a snack. Snack/wich ditty is made up of 100% cotton and one bag is equivalent to a 1000 plastic bags. This means that one snack ditty will last as long as 1000 plastic bags.

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Little Bites Silicone Storage Jars

The Little Bites Silicone Storage Jars are another great option for your little ones. Many kids struggle with opening stainless steel containers but with these beautiful new jars, all your child will have to do is squeeze the lid, and it will easily come off. Silicone jars are ideal for fruits and vegetables, but can also be used for other items.

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Elementary School Students

Your child is growing and so your lunch strategies should also change with time. Many children of this age like to act bigger than their years. The following products have specially been designed for such children. All these items look like they are meant for middle school students, but are actually childish in their functioning.

SnackTaxi Bags

These funky bags are a great to having lunch the stylish way. Suitable for sandwiches, crackers and other light snacks, SnackTaxi bags are available in plenty of patterns, and can be reused anytime.

Lunchbots Duo

Lunchbots Duo is divided into two to three sections, and is suitable for packing two to three different snacks like fruits, dips or cheese.

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Middle and High School Students

Middle and high school students are grown - up kids, and so their lunch bags should not have that childish look anymore.

Stainless Steel Tiffin

The stainless steel Tiffin is a convenient and simple way to pack lunch for your older children. Most of these comprise of two to five tiered boxes to keep different items separately.

Sanctus Mundo

If your child likes huge sandwiches, then the Sanctus Mundo steel container is the perfect choice. The container is ideal for those double and triple decker sandwiches and will not flatten them. Additionally it can also be used for packing large portions of salad or pasta.

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