Who Takes the Cake? 5 Insanely Expensive Cakes

NTDTVNTDTVA classic white sponge cake consists of eggs, sugar, flour, and water, so how is it that when you're planning your wedding day or throwing a huge soiree that a cake can get to be thousands, even millions of dollars?

These cakes are the epitome of expensive.

From decadent fillings to extraordinary décor, your classic cake can easily become something that looks like this one from Cake Boss Buddy Valastro and costs big, big bucks.

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Those who are hosting over-the-top bashes or using a premier cake decorator like Sylvia Weinstock or Ron Ben-Israel, they really are paying for what they're receiving.

If you're looking to include diamonds and rubies on the cake tiers or 20 bouquets of lush peonies dipped in edible gold, you can imagine how pricey a slice could get.

As couples and private companies get more and more imaginative in their confectionary requests, the price tags are rising. These wedding cakes are sure to blow your mind.

1) A Royal Cake

The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was certainly a costly one. Their eight-tier wedding cake was covered in cream and white icing, decorated with approximately 900 delicate sugar-paste flowers, and took more than five weeks to make. Price tag? $78,000

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2) Fit for a King

The $1,000 Sultan's Golden Cake is one lavish experience. Served at the Ciragan Palace Kempinski in Istanbul, the cake is topped with caramelized black truffles and coated in 24-karat gold leaf. The dessert contains figs, quince, apricot, and pears that have been soaked in Jamaican rum for two years. The cake takes 72 hours to assemble, so enjoy every bite if you should ever be so lucky. Price tag? $1,000

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3) Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

Cake Boss star Buddy Valastro paired up with New York City socialite Devorah Rose to create one special confection. In honor of her event, "Devorah's Diamond Gala," she and Valastro dreamed up an extravagant cake that was garnished with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds - all set in gorgeous jewelry pieces. Price tag? $30 million.

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4) Vintage Eats

A slice of cake from the 1937 wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor sold at an auction in 1998 at Sotheby's. Sadly, it didn't come with a golden spoon. Price tag? $30,000.

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5) Only the Best... (Pictured above)

Japanese Chef Nobue Ikara's multi-tiered cake was draped in platinum necklaces draped in platinum chains, necklaces, pins, pendants and edible foils. The cake was dedicated to Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi, leading model Chie Kumasawa as well other women in the arts. It was created as a promotional tool to entice women to buy more platinum jewelry back in 2007. Price Tag? $130,000.

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-Francesca Borgognone, The Daily Meal