Tartlets Filled Fresh Lemon Curd and More Recipes

Lemon Curd is a slightly tart filling that's very thick unlike pudding. Most of us love lemon here. However we still have chocolate lovers too! So, you can fill them with whatever you like! These are so easy to make! Just buy the tart tins online or at your local kitchen stores!

My son loves chocolate pudding hands down!

I had just gone to a new kitchen store and spotted these mini tart pans. Although I am no where near a pastry chef by any means, I had to go home and play right away! I love these, they are so versatile on what you can use them for. Desserts, meat fillings, salad style appetizers.
I can just come up with a ton of uses for them!

Easy to do, there was nothing to it! Use your favorite pie crust recipe or store bought!
Of course you can fill them with vanilla, fruit topped, chocolate,
raspberries, lemon, banana, the skies the limit right?

All I know is you can whip these up using all store bought ingredients or make you own, either way they will be a huge hit with family, friends and the kids. Everyone will be WOWED!
Find out what I did to make these CLICK HERE~ thanks for reading!