Taste Test: 15 Greek Frozen Yogurts

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Greek yogurt: it's thick; it's creamy; it's rich without the calories or fat. These are just a few of the reasons why the Mediterranean staple has become so popular over the past several years and why it's also popping up everywhere in frozen form. We had one question to ask, though: does the authentic, tart flavor and fluffy texture translate once frozen? To find out the answer, we sampled out 15 greek frozen yogurts to find the best flavors so that you don't make any less-than-delicious purchases. To find out our overall thoughts on the greek frozen yogurt trend - and the surprising favorite of the bunch - keep reading.

  • Ciao Bella Adonia Vanilla: What our tasters thought: Reviews were across the board for this flavor. Some thought it had a "mild yet rich yogurt-y flavor," while several noted it tasted artificial despite the flecks of vanilla bean. Tasters' rating average: 2
  • Stonyfield Organic Oikos Vanilla: What our tasters thought: Tasters were quick to note that the frozen yogurt didn't taste at all like greek yogurt. It had a "funky," off-putting flavor that was a a little "chalky." Tasters' rating average: 2
  • Stonyfield Organic Oikos Chocolate: What our tasters thought: Those who love dark chocolate loved the "nice, bittersweet flavor" and "creamy sweetness." However, not everyone was convinced, claiming that texture-wise, it was "too icy and grainy." Tasters' rating average: 3
  • Ciao Bella Adonia Espresso: What our tasters thought: Across the board, most gave this yogurt average ratings. Fans of coffee-flavored ice cream liked the taste, but felt like it "wasn't bold enough." Many tasted something "artificial, like aspartame." Tasters' rating average: 2
  • Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake: What our tasters thought: Many testers joked that since this frozen yogurt is so "decadent, creamy, and tasty," it "must be unhealthy." The majority agreed that it tasted just like an indulgent strawberry dessert without any funny aftertaste. Tasters' rating average: 4

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  • Ben & Jerry's Banana Peanut Butter: What our tasters thought: Banana, chocolate, and peanut butter combine to form the "creme de la creme of fro yo flavors." With its "strong banana and superstrong peanut butter flavors," our tasters said it's great if you love these ingredients but "overwhelming" if you don't. Tasters' rating average: 3.5
  • Ben & Jerry's Raspberry Fudge Chip: What our tasters thought: The "good, refreshing" combo of "so much raspberry and plenty of chocolate chunks" made this a favorite among many. Several said it was "as decadent as ice cream." Tasters' rating average: 3.5
  • Ciao Bella Adonia Wild Blueberry: What our tasters thought: Of all the yogurts, many testers found this tasted the most like greek yogurt with its "creamy and tangy" flavor. Everyone loved the "fruity" taste and "smooth" texture. Tasters' rating average: 3
  • Ben & Jerry's Blueberry Graham Cracker : What our tasters thought: This flavor was the star of the show, as tasters called it "the best - there's no contest!" With the "crumbly texture from the graham cracker," "delicious greek yogurt," and "balanced blueberry swirl," the perfect score reflects this flavor's awesomeness. Tasters' rating average: 5
  • Stonyfield Organic Oikos Blueberry: What our tasters thought: Some loved the chunks of blueberries, while others thought the frozen yogurt had a "weird consistency" from the dehydrated blueberries that were "too frozen." Otherwise, most said the blueberry flavor "tasted great." Tasters' rating average: 3

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  • Ciao Bella Adonia Mango: What our tasters thought: Despite it tasting more like sherbet and less like yogurt, most were fans, loving it for its "peach-like flavor," "floral aftertaste," and "refreshing quality." Tasters' rating average: 4
  • Ciao Bella Adonia Key Lime: What our tasters thought: Lovers of key lime pie enjoyed this flavor, noting that all it needs is a "graham cracker crumb topping" to taste exactly like the Summer dessert favorite. However, some didn't like the citrus flavor, claiming it was "too tangy" and "bitter." Tasters' rating average: 2.5
  • Ciao Bella Adonia Raspberry: What our tasters thought: This had true raspberry flavor and a tart yogurt finish, and tasters raved that this was the best Adonia flavor thus far. Tasters' rating average: 4
  • Stonyfield Organic Oikos Peach Mango: What our tasters thought: Many loved the mango and peach chunks, so much so that they begged for more! Many thought that even though it "tastes healthy," it was "so good," "smooth and nice," and "deliciously peachy!" Tasters' rating average: 4
  • Stonyfield Organic Oikos Super Fruits: What our tasters thought: Some loved the mixed berry swirl, wishing for a little more pureed fruit. However, the majority thought it tasted "fake," "like medicine," and "artificial, for sure!" Tasters' rating average: 3
  • Overall Thoughts: We absolutely adored Ben & Jerry's Blueberry Graham Cracker, which was the only frozen yogurt that truly tasted reminiscent of greek yogurt and was packed with authentic blueberry flavor. The graham cracker crumbles added just enough honey sweetness and crunchy contrast. However, it should be noted that it has twice as many calories as the other brands, so it isn't a low-cal option. Adonia Mango was our favorite fruit-only flavor, because it was well balanced and had a great sweet yet tart flavor. For a low-cal, low-fat option, Adonia has some delicious fruity options. Overall, the majority of the flavors were off-putting, mostly because they are marketed to be low-fat, low-calorie options. When it comes to taste only, we are more likely to go for soft-serve fro yo at the store or for smaller portions of real ice cream.

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