Taste Test: Bottled Low- or No-Sugar Flavored Water

We tried nearly 80 low- or no-sugar flavored still waters from the grocery store. Here are the five that made a splash with kids and their parents, along with recipe ideas to try.

Diet Berry: Skinny Water Sport Shape Goji Black Cherry
We loved the bright cherry and goji berry flavor of this "diet" water. "Takes me back to the fruit punch juice boxes of childhood!" one panelist said. Bonus: The drink's enhanced with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. ($1.25 for 16 fl. oz.)
Recipe idea: Frozen Grapefruit Shirley Temple

Lightly Sweetened: 365 Everyday Value - Pomegranate + Polyphenols
This wallet-friendly drink, fortified with vitamins and polyphenol extract (good-for-you antioxidants), has a sweet-tart combo of cranberry and pomegranate. It earned perfect scores and little heart drawings from testers! ($0.79 for 20 fl. oz., at Whole Foods Markets)
Grown-up recipe: Try it in The All-American

Kid Fave: Hint Strawberry-Kiwi
"Mom, please buy this!" begged an 8-year-old panelist, saying it "smells and tastes like real strawberries!" You'll like the unsweetened, calorie-free water's tanginess and short ingredient list: purified water, strawberry, kiwi and other natural flavors. ($1.79 for 16 fl. oz.)
Grown-up recipe: Try it in Strawberry Sucker

Tropical: Bom Dia Coconut Splash - Tropical Mango
Mango puree and passion fruit juice ramp up the tropical factor in this coconut water: "Yum-reminds me of a piña colada!" one taster raved. Even with added juice, this drink is relatively low in calories (60 per serving), thanks to zero-calorie stevia, a plant-based sweetener. ($2.49 for 15.2 fl. oz.)
Recipe idea: Try it in Coconut-Orange Smoothie

Spiced: Ayala's Herbal Water - Cinnamon Orange Peel
Cinnamon and orange extracts give this grown-up pick a pleasant, spicy-floral twist-without adding calories. "Refreshing! Tastes like fresh orange slices and cinnamon sticks," one taster praised. ($1.59 for 16 fl. oz.)
Grown-up recipe: Rose Sangria

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