Taste Test: The Best Gluten-Free Baking Mixes

We taste-tested dozens of gluten-free mixes from the grocery store and picked our favorites for baking; then we came up with fun ways to use them in the kitchen.

Best Pancakes: Kinnikinnick Foods Pancake and Waffle Mix
These slightly sweet, crepe-like pancakes are "as tender and fluffy as the silver dollars from my favorite diner," one taster praised. Read more »

Try it in: Crunch-Berry Pancakes »

Best Muffin: Authentic Foods Blueberry Muffin Mix
While some competitors had a gritty texture, these vanilla-y, blueberry-dotted babies were smooth and cakey, thanks to superfine rice flour and rice bran. Read more »

Try it in: Blueberry Scones with Melted Peaches »

Best Brownies: Gluten Free Pantry Chocolate Truffle Brownie Mix
These rich brownies strike all the right chords with a crackled top and a dense,
fudgy interior sprinkled with chocolate chips. Read more »

Try it in: Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches »

Best Pizza Crust: Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix
Sure, this crust soaks up sauce like a dream, but it was the bready flavor that most impressed. "Finally, an option that tastes good!" one panelist cheered. Read more »

Try it in: Inside-Out Pizza Rolls »

Best Yellow Cake: The Really Great Food Company Yellow Cake Mix
Mace adds a nutmeg-like flavor to this off-the-charts-delicious cake. Glossy on the outside and moist within, it won raves-even unfrosted. (Cream cheese icing, however, would take it to new heights.) Read more »

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By Dina Cheney | Photography by Lucas Zarebinski

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